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This book is a welcome tribute to the unique and extraordinary history of the Knights Templar. They were and remain a group of accomplished Christians that, in a very special way, fulfilled an original mission of Christian pilgrim protection. For a period time, they also provided the physical protection of the ancient and holy city of Jerusalem, the home of three Abrahamic faiths.

As we acknowledge our scholars, we also acknowledge other great historians in their discovery and explanation of a Christian group that operated throughout all of Europe and the Middle East developing financial, medical, commercial, and military institutions that remain unique for their time.


By P.E. Rea, Brigadier General, OSMTH Grand Master
Early on the morning of Friday, the 13th of October 1307, the soldiers in service to King Philip IV (“The Fair”) of France launched a surprise attack on the Knights of the Templar Order . . . thus began a story whose end has never been clear. Were the knights alerted that the attack was planned for that day? Did they escape? Did they take their treasury with them, rumored to be substantial; a treasure-trove that has never been found? Where did they go? The questions have plagued historians for centuries, and eventually became the stuff of legend. A virtual cottage industry has developed whose intention has long been to solve the mystery of the disappearance of the Knights Templar once and for all.

The larger question is: What became of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem following the famous attack, the capture and eventual execution of the leaders of the Order, including their Grand Master, Jacques De Molay? Did he name his successor before his tormentors executed him, and thus providing a continuation of the line of succession of Grand Masters? Why was it that he chose the manner of his death: public execution rather than live out the rest of his days in prison? Could it have been by design, so that he COULD name his successor, and thereby preserve the line of succession?


By Melinda Richards PhD., Deputy Archivist General, OSMTH

The Knights Templar: From History to the Twenty-First Century Mission: Nine Hundred Years Since the Foundation of the Poor Knights of Christ in the Temple of Jerusalem
(OSMTH Publications) (Volume 2) Paperback – April 1, 2017
by Pasi Pollanen (Author, Editor), Scott Simon (Editor)

In the present book, the history of the Knights Templar and subjects related to knighthood in general are analyzed from the perspective of several authors. The purpose of the book is to celebrate the nine-hundredth anniversary of the founding of a unique organization, the Poor Knights of Christ in the Temple of Jerusalem, which has created something permanent in spite of the stony road of the poor brethren and their modern-day equivalents. The book was prepared for the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem - OSMTH. This book is the first to study the roots of the 19th century Neo-Templars scientifically.

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