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Jerusalem Mite
Campaign 2023

Campaign letters mailed October 11; come back here to see progress!

2023 Jerusalem Mite Campaign

The needs of Christians in the region are urgent. American Templars are there to help, working to preserve Christianityʼs presence in the place of its birth. GPUSAʼs Jerusalem Mite program focuses on risks facing Christians in an effort to restore hope and encourage families to rebuild their lives in the Holy Land and the Middle East.

The Jerusalem Mite, with money raised from American Knights, Dames and friends, directs funds to a dozen known, trusted, church-related charitable organizations, based primarily in the Holy Land. These organizations provide essential programs for healthcare, housing, academic education, and vocational training, and they are making a difference for Christian families. In the wake of extremistsʼ recent campaigns to purge the region of Christians, several of our recipient organizations are also providing food, clothing, shelter, and medical care to tens of thousands of Christian refugees who have fled for their lives, especially in northern Iraq. GPUSA is in regular contact with our charitable recipients and visits them every year.

While the Orderʼs primary mission is to support Christians at risk in the Middle East, we also seek opportunities to build relationships with the regionʼs other two major Abrahamic faiths – Judaism and Islam – and to maintain free access for all faiths to the local holy sites of each.

Templars are changing lives in the Holy Land and beyond. With your support, we can do much more. Our brothers and sisters in the Middle East are counting on us.

Annual giving by Knights, Dames and friends is making a difference in the lives of our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East through the organizations that we fund.

Some examples:

The hospitals and clinics we support are treating, and saving the lives of, thousands of Christians every year.

476 Christian families have moved into new or renovated homes that were completed by Christian tradesmen, helping them all to continue raising families in the land of their ancestors.

The Christian schools and colleges we support are educating over 3,500 boys and girls in the Holy Land. In addition, GPUSA members personally have provided scholarships to 27 high school graduates since 2013, all of whom scored in the top percentiles on standardized academic tests. Our college scholarship recipients were able to complete their education, thus broadening their understanding of the world in which they live and raising their value to future employers.

With a student body of 420, ETVTC provides vocational training that gives graduates an important head-start in a difficult job market.

Roughly 38,000 Christian refugees, driven from their homes by terrorists, are currently sheltered, fed, clothed, and treated in refugee camps and local churches that we support in Israel, Iraq and Jordan. Many churches have converted their places of worship to places of Christian refuge.

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