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We are the Modern Knights Templar, an Ecumenical Christian and Chivalric charitable Order. We do not claim a direct lineage to the original Knights of the Temple, but we do seek to emulate their positive attributes in our daily lives today. We have adopted two of the original Templar missions of Protecting Christians at Risk particularly in the Holy Land and the Middle East and in Keeping the Road to Jerusalem open to all people as our own.

Affiliated with the International Order (OSMTH)


The US Order encourages talented, accomplished men and women of high moral character to energetically pursue charitable and civic causes and to improve the Christian presence in the Holy Land. Those who join in such efforts in turn benefit personally from participation in the recovery and perpetuation of the Christian spirit and ideals that impelled the early Templar Knights to dedicate their lives to similar causes. The chivalry, ethics, and rich traditions of this Order shape our focus on those causes today.

Membership in the Order requires that each candidate be a Christian of any denomination. Membership is offered by invitation only, after a careful screening and interview process indicates that both the individual seeking membership and the Order seeking the best membership possible will benefit thereby. The principal considerations in selecting members are: demonstrated good character, documented accomplishments in life, and obvious commitment to the ideals of the Order. The Order invests membership upon only those men and women who deport themselves in an honorable and chivalrous manner, who will be committed to the Order's values and precepts, and who are Ecumenical in thought. A candidate's involvement in other charitable, military, religious and hereditary organizations provides a means of assessing a candidate's eligibility, as does his or her professional and social accomplishments. .

If you are interested in joining in our good works and you would like to be contacted by an officer of SMOTJ, please provide a letter of introduction to to begin the process of determining whether your membership is in our mutual interest.

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